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    Marco V visits Exchange L.A along with Ashley Wallbridge

    Published on August 23, 2012 by in Event Reviews

    By:Antonio Becerra
    Location:Los Angeles, C.A
    Venue:Exchange L.A

    YouTube Preview Image

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    Marco V is no stranger when it comes trance. Primarily known for his tech trance productions and influences, one would have been able to tell that he is still true to his form and style. Like no other, Marco V brought his distinctive and unique sound to the Exchange LA on Friday the 17th. With a packed house and the usual production energy Exchange LA offers, Marco V made sure fans left with remarkable taste of what the Marco V brand is all about. With an audience going crazy for songs such as his own 10 PM that features a big room techy sound while infusing a plethora of melodic piano sounds that will instantly capture any EDM enthusiast ear. In true form Marco V is a master of his own sound. Being able to capture a fun groovy tech influence, while indulging the listener in array of club banging anthems. It’s no wonder the crowd went crazy when he precisely mixed in tracks like “Advanced” (Marco V Remix), “Kick out the epic motherf*cker” (Otto Knows Remix), “The Bong” (Original Mix), “Speakfreak” (Original Mix), and his own popular remix of The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”. Much like the tracks he chooses, it’s very evident Marco V is true to his tech influences that can make any EDM enthusiast groove to his set. With a 2 hour journey packed with energy all around the crowd left experiencing that marquee Marco V sound.

    The follow up act Ashley Wallbridge is no stranger in the trance community. With an established name and past production tracks like Faces, Mansion, Bang the drum, and Zorro Ashley Wallbridge saw himself rocking the dancefloor. Bringing the exciting infused sound of electro trance fans excitedly awaited his top notch mixing skills. As the club closed down, many fans awaited Wallbridge for photos and autographs. With another impressive night at the Awakening series presented by Insomniac, top tier names keep bringing their style and sound making any club ecstatic. Featured artists Marco V last Friday was one for the books. Lavish production to go along his techie set and a follow up act of Ashley Wallbridge make for a hell of club night in Los Angeles.

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    I did not trace them for the reasons we discussed.
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    They aim the killing blow, an inch or two above the junction of this X. It came loose with a pop, and he held the bottle to his nose and sniffed.
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